Handmade With Love In Nepal

Dochaa is an ambitious initiative aiming to bridge the gulf between Nepal’s treasured traditions and today’s fast paced modern world with its locally crafted and ethically made creations.



Providing platforms and embracing identities

Where culture meets comfort

We create wearable art that stems from the stories woven in our past. We have crafted the perfect fusion between unnoticed art and modern designs reflected in well-crafted shoes and accessories in our attempt to create products for people who appreciate Nepali culture. 

Our Products

An homage to creativity

Dochaa’s products are a testament to creative souls worldwide, an attempt stretched out from Nepal’s small corner. An homage to creativity that seeps out from our brims and a letter of love to those left behind in time. Dochaa breathes life into our cultural gems as it celebrates creatives with an appreciation for lost art.

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