Our Manifesto

Launched in 2017, Dochaa is a brand committed to creating products that meet global quality standards here in Nepal. It brings together a fusion of tradition and modernity to our wardrobe and is continuously looking to improve itself through customer feedback. 

The creators at Dochaa are committed to bridging the gap between our traditions and today’s youth. Incorporating traditional fabrics and their stories into people’s daily lives, Dochaa aims to rekindle Nepali youth’s love for our rich and vibrant culture. 

Right now, Dochaa is based in Nepal with a growing conscious customer base and an even larger commitment towards our mission. 

How we came to be?

United by common values and an interest in promoting Nepali culture, the co-founders got started on a mission to include pieces of our history into our attire. Starting out with shoes, in homage to their creation, the name ‘DOCHAA‘ basically ‘is the first type of shoes made by the indigenous people living in the Indo-Tibetan belt‘ set its mark on the brand. What started out as an idea in the mind of a few, took the shape of a brand committed to highlighting the unique cultures of Nepal. 

Values We Believe In.


Embracing individuality within our communities, Dochaa believes in each individual’s authenticity on their path towards becoming their best version. We invite people to embrace their identities and respect the ability of others to do the same. We reflect our values in creating our products that each carry the authentic self of the cultures and artisans behind it.

We value the authenticity of culture and indigeneity, reflected in the craftsmanship of our creations.


Dochaa recognizes that a community’s culture is deep-rooted in its people’s identity, and the infringement on our ability to carry forth our culture into our future erases the stories from our past. We believe in the empowerment of the communities across Nepal and utilize our platform to amplify those who have been made unable to recite their own narrative. 

Dochaa is careful in its creations and works with marginalized communities to economically empower such communities.

We aim to empower people and amplify the narratives of communities whose stories remain unheard.


Dochaa’s dynamic energy is well reflected in the growth it has achieved over the years; with the company initially limited to a small room at one of the co-founder’s houses, it has now managed to transcend into much more than a brand of shoe. Dochaa is all about the stories of culture, identities, uniqueness, art, and respect for our artisans.

We are enterprising with every creation. A blend of tradition, art, and modernity to help one embody their identity.

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